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Archives de 23 August 2012

Use Xvfb, Selenium and Chrome to drive a web browser in PHP

23 August 2012 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech 1 Commentaire →

The PHP language can be used to remote-control an actual web-browser on a server, to allow server-side scripting of complex web interactions involving for example Javascript of Flash-enabled content. This is a very powerful context, but it is tricky to setup. In addition, a proxy such as Squid can be used to log all http interactions, and can be used as an in-depth traffic analysis or debugging tool. This environment can be used for automated web debugging, continuous integration, unit-testing based web development, non-regression testing, load tests, automated screenshots, etc. Here is a quick setup memo for a running environment under Debian Linux (headless server).

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