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WP Frontpage News officially replaces YD Recent Posts Widget

23 October 2013 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech, WordPress Pas Commentaire →

Great news for all users of the very popular (70,000 downloads) legacy plugin for WordPress “YD Recent Posts Widgets with Thumbnails” that I developped in 2009 and maintained up to ca. 2011. This plugin now has an official, brand new successor known as “WP Frontpage News“.

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Adding a dynamic administrable menu to an existing WordPress theme

20 July 2011 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : WordPress Pas Commentaire →

Ever since WordPress 3.0 was released, the TwentyTen theme bundled with the distribution has included a feature do dynamically manage the content and organization of menu items from inside the WordPress administration interface. Here’s a step-by-step guide to integrate that feature to any existing WP theme.

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How to make sure that WordPress automatic install and upgrade work

18 July 2011 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : WordPress 1 Commentaire →

When file permissions are not setup the way it expects, WordPress cannot use the automatic upgrade feature and prompts you for FTP or SFTP credentials to perform any upgrade on a theme, plugin or the core WP files. This happens even when WordPress does have actual write permissions on the files that need to be upgraded.

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WordPress fast page updates. At last.

25 April 2010 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech, WordPress 10 Commentaires →

Tired of waiting forever for this single-coma change on a WordPress hierarchical page to finish saving? – Relief is coming your way. In the form of a simple plugin. Just download it, enable it, and now you can rediscover how it is like managing the content of hundred-pages CMS blogs with pretty permalinks in a few seconds instead of minutes.

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Displaying your blog inside Facebook in 6 simple steps

23 September 2009 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech, WordPress 13 Commentaires →

Wordpress logo - grey

Hey, did you know you could post your blog in a Facebook page and benefit from all of Facebook’s social bells and whistles without even installing a single plugin?

All you need to do is to get a free Facebook Application ID, create a Facebook “Fan page”, configure the Facebook app to grab a page from your blog, smack it onto a custom tab in the Fan page and bingo!

Let’s review in detail how this works step-by-step…

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WordPress transients

16 September 2009 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech, WordPress Pas Commentaire →

Wordpress logo - grey

Since WordPress 2.8, a new kind of caching mechanism has been added to WordPress. it is not very well documented yet (I could not find any relevant page in the Codex. Please leave a comment if you find one).

According to this WordPress core development trac discussion, that feature has been introduced so that “non-persistent” or otherwise “short-lived” data that used to be stored in the “options” database table can be distinguished from “real options data” that is meant to be persistent (ie, live forever in the database until it is updated or erased).

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WordPress 2.8 rocks!

10 June 2009 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech, WordPress 4 Commentaires →

Wordpress logo - greyI’ve just finished migrating our www.Nogent-Citoyen.com local community site to WordPress 2.8 RC1 and well… I have to say up to now everything looks great!

The site ran flawlessly right away, with its 25 plugins including Wp Super Cache, the YD Recent Posts Widget and some other quite vintage legacy plugins that I can’t do without. I had no special migration task to conduct. I even ran the site for a few hours on a staging URL without upgrading the database structure, and did not notice anything breaking.

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