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WP Frontpage News officially replaces YD Recent Posts Widget

October 23, 2013 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech, WordPress

23 oct.. 2013 Great news for all users of the very popular (70,000 downloads) legacy plugin for WordPress " YD Recent Posts Widgets with Thumbnails " that I developped in 2009 and maintained up to ca. 2011. This plugin now has an official, brand new successor known as " WP Frontpage News ". The new plugin is written by the same author (me), with the same purpose in mind as the original (easy-to-use, works out-of-the-box, powerful customization options). However, it is now fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress (3.6.1) , and with state-of-the-art PHP 5.3 up to 5.5. Furthermore, continued ...

YD Related Posts

April 28, 2011 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie :

28 avril. 2011 Uses a custom field to manually indicate posts that are related. Reciprocity is managed automagically. Related posts then automatically display a special box with links to each related contents including thumbnail, title and excerpt. ...

YD Recent Posts Widget

August 19, 2010 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie :

19 août. 2010 Important notice : since October 2013, the YD Recent Posts Widget plugin has been officially replaced and superseded by the WP Frontpage News Plugin , available free on the WordPress plugin directory, here . (Official announcement here ) Support of the new plugin is available at WPCode-United . Including professional-level service.   The FAQ Page of the old plugin is here (Frequently asked questions and their answers!) The installation guide and usage manual  of the old plugin is here. Plugin Name: YD Recent Posts Plugin URI: http://www.yann.com/en/wp-plugins/yd-recent-posts-widget ...

Post2Peer WordPress plugin

May 28, 2009 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie :

28 mai. 2009 Post2Peer is a WordPress-based technology that permits blogmasters to share and exchange links to their posts based on common taxonomy, across their blogs (ie. posts having the same tags or categories). Each link is automatically associated to a thumbnail image. The Post2Peer Widget (beta version) is the first of a series of WordPress utilities and tools that blog author will be able to use to dig in the Post2Peer posts and sites open directory . It will automatically display in a sidebar widget a list of links towards blog posts sharing the same subject published on other WordPress ...

YD Similar Posts Widget

April 08, 2009 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie :

8 avril. 2009 Highly customizable similar posts list with automatic thumbnail images and cache. Works the same way as the already popular "YD Recent Posts ...

WP Frontpage News

October 03, 2013 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie :

3 oct.. 2013 Frequently posting news on your website or want to display your content in a dynamic way? Breaking news! WP Frontpage News   is right there for you. This WordPress plugin has been built to: Automatically format your content the way you want Display more information in a limited space to catch users Prevent article authors to break your WordPress layout and to focus only on content Display news carousel on your home page or in widget position The plugin is divided in 4 main configuration tabs: Select your content source ie. select a post category or pages and the display ordering Select your ...

Use Xvfb, Selenium and Chrome to drive a web browser in PHP

August 23, 2012 Par : Yann Dubois Catégorie : English, tech

23 août. 2012 ... the browser needs to have local file access to the file that has to be uploaded. The file has to reside on the same server that is running the web browser when the upload is performed (when the form is submitted). Facebook Yes, this setup works with Facebook: it can be used to automate post status or image updates with PHP. Facebook usage rules might however forbid this use. Please check against current Facebook usage policy . General disclaimer Use at you own risk, and obey to the usage rules of sites you wish to access with a remote-controlled browser. Please be aware that the use of an ...

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